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Wednesday 2nd September- Racing at Rowrah Round 3

At last we had an evening dry enough for Racing at Rowrah Round 3 and the  Informal Inter-Club racing to go ahead.

At 6pm there was a close competition between the Yellow and the Green teams with Yellow just getting overall victory by 2 points. Green, an all girls team, won the relay and one of the sprint races but Yellow won two sprints and the road race. The Red team were 3rd and the Blue team 4th.

The Inter Club racing at 7pm was dominated by Jack (Beacon Wheelers) who won the 1 km time trial and the road race.  Edward and Zak, only separated by 1 second, were 2nd and 3rd in the time trial. Edward, Nina and Blaine came in behind Jack in the road race. Well done to Lewis (Team XIII) for improving his pb by 31 seconds. A few fun events followed such as the Devil and the Longest  Lap.